EMS Computer Aided Dispatch

Creative EMS Computer Aided Dispatch

A EMS CAD system allows you to use a Computer Aided Dispatch to manage the scene as if you were actually there. Creative EMS’s CAD is perfectly designed for all your EMS needs.

Our map-centric software allows you to completely manage an incident with a map, almost as if you are there at the scene. With a simple intuitive process and user interface, Creative EMS CAD was designed to work the way emergency first responders think.

Visualize the scene without being there

With Creative EMS’s Computer Aided Dispatch you do not need to rely on text or radio communications to understand what is exactly happening. You will see it all unfold. And the Creative EMS team will train you so it is easy to use.

More Benefits to the Creative EMS CAD system

  • Creative EMS CAD gives supervisors and managers a precise and detailed reporting functionality to assist them in monitoring response times, calls pending, and a unit’s activity.
  • The system is easily configurable for any and all requirements you might have.
  • It can also be fully integrated into the operations of your IT staff.
  • It provides reassurance that your dispatch team is always operating effectively and efficiently.

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Creative EMS Computer Aided Dispatch is the best in business for it’s advanced technology in both design and usage. If you need to be at a site, our CAD system takes you there immediately.

Where ever you are, you can help and monitor the situation. In today’s rapid fire EMS world, Creative EMS’s CAD system is indispensable.