ePCR Training

Creative EMS ePCR Training

CREATIVE EMS PROVIDES the most up to date and sophisticated technology with its Pre- Hospital Care & Management Software. Mobile, fast and custom designed to meet your needs, Creative EMS ePCR software is the best in the business.

Our ePRC Online Training

One method for ePCR training is our online program. This convenient option uses a web conferencing software that we provide. You only need the application and a desktop computer. The Creative EMS trainer will actually use your service database, while performing training demonstrations. Just like in a classroom, you will be able to ask questions and actively participate.

Our ePCR On-Site Training

For a more customized approach, our On-Site Training is also available. A Creative EMS ePCR trainer will come to your site and train both your administrators and any other personnel. The number of days you require will be predetermined so you can allot the hours needed. Generally a session will be eight hours a day and the subject matter and number of days will be analyzed before the date. A training outline must be approved by our Training Manager and your staff.

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Our Creative EMS ePCR software and services are state of the art and customized to meet your every need. Our ePCR training is a big part of that high quality service. It is a crucial step in your company’s growth. Why not have the best trainers instruct your team? What is the use of having the best EMS software and system if you can not use it at its optimum capacity.