Pre Hospital Software


CREATIVE EMS PROVIDES the most up to date and sophisticated technology with its Pre- Hospital Care & Management Software. Mobile, fast and custom designed to meet your needs, Creative EMS ePCR software is the best in the business.

The latest Hardware and Software

Our innovative technology and support solutions can provide the perfect scalability for your company to keep pace right along with your increasing demand. From creative technology solutions to dedicated IT Support, data storage and outsourcing solutions, Creative EMS is the industry’s leading service provider.

Maintenance 24/7

Maintaining high tech software and hardware in today's ever evolving industry requires a knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals to support the technology. Creative EMS’s support team is there 24/7 to not only guide you through any issues but to service the equipment and software to keep it running perfectly.

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Creative EMS’s ePCR Pre Hospital Care Software and Management Software is built to your specifications as no two EMS providers are the same. With so many choices in mobile devices and hardware, our software can adapt to whatever you utilize. Flexible, fast, responsive and always designed to meet your needs, that is what Creative EMS technology is all about.