ePCR software

Creative EMS' Electronic Patient Care Reporting System (ePCR) is the industry’s #1 choice for ePCR.

Creative EMS Electronic Patient Care Reporting system (ePCR) is the most advanced and cost effective EMS software on the market.

Time tested and designed by medical emergency experts in both high tech and EMS, Creative EMS has created a ePCR system that is custom designed so that your business is not focused on paperwork and tech devices but instead on what you do best - provide excellent patient care.

Why is our ePCR software system the best? Here are three reasons!

Readily-Available and Accurate Patient Records

Having readily-available accurate patient records is one of the biggest needs in patient care. Creative EMS’s dedicated Electronic Patient Care Reporting system (ePCR) allows you to input pertinent information about your patients into a tablet version while in the ambulance, and access it with the push of a button. With no internet connection needed, the ePCR sends and records information within seconds.  

Patient Care Tracking and Ambulance Billing Streamlined

We all know that accurate reporting is critical in the field, and our ePCR system removes any worries you might have about delayed reports. With a fast and user-friendly EMS Software module your billing process will be streamlined and more efficient as there will be a sharp reduction in redundancy. This improves your workflow and provides valuable information to the appropriate medical providers easily. Also, our system is fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations and protocols.  

Creative EMS is Available 24/7 To Troubleshoot with EMT’s and Medics

Not only is Creative EMS offering the highest quality, most advanced and customized ePCR software, but we also offer full service 24/7 tech support. We deal directly with the EMT’s and Medics so a second layer of communication with supervisors is not needed. Our customer support is unparalleled in the industry because it is super customized inexpensively. We are committed to building you a system that is user friendly, cost efficient and most importantly, allows you to provide excellent patient care. We are a one stop shop for everything you will need.  

Patient tracking has now entered a new level Contact us now and experience the difference!

Our ePCR is the most elite in the business, and we guarantee your patient care and performance will be enhanced. Try our remarkable system today, and experience simplified data collection, easy access to information, and efficient administration of patient care. Contact us today and experience the difference!