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Here are just a few of the features that makes Creative EMS’s ePCR software system the best in the business.

First and foremost, our software is available on all platforms - Android, iPhone, tablets, BlackBerries, iPads. We are mobile because you have to be! That makes all information easy to access, and with instant internet connection you are mobile and linked to the web in a second.

Here’s some software tech features that set us apart from the rest.

  • All forms are totally paperless including 800, HIPAA, PCF, NARCOTIC, RMA
  • Our scroll down feature retains all screens and NEVER Navigates off the MENU page
  • It converts patient weight into KG for automatic calculation of GCS, TS, Agpar Scores
  • It automatically populates patient demographics from patient history in database
  • The Auto Narrative notes mirrors data on PCR
  • It integrates with an EKG monitor
  • The system automatically calculates med dosages based on patient weight
  • The system reconfigures to ALS and BLS calls
  • All data is always saved to off-site server for enhanced security
  • Your PCF Forms are automatically populated with data from the Complaint subsection
  • Your Data is uploaded in real time
  • It communicates with a CAD system
  • The database retains records of all medical facilities
  • The system recognizes and warns users of prior patients
  • It creates reports that can be retrieved and interpreted on any device
  • The system has a completely customizable display and allows users to designate mandated fields
  • Electronic signatures are easy with a large signature area, plus automatic encryption and storage
  • There is complete support for attachments of any file type to reports
  • It has automated information input and transfer via scanning of patient's driver licenses or ID
  • The system allows for information input of multiple individuals
  • Real validation controls ensure quality reports every time

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