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ePCR System

It’s simple why you would want Creative EMS's ePCR software in your ambulance or fire safety vehicle. Creative EMS’s Ambulance ePCR software is the best EPCR system in the business because our software is 100% customized for your needs. No other software can make that claim. It was developed by medical/EMS pros who understand no two companies or emergencies are the same. What does this mean to you? It means increased revenues, maximized savings, and a major reduction in reporting time.

Here are a few of the Creative EMS ePCR Software Benefits

ePCR Software

Automated Data Calculations

Quality Information Automated Easily

The Field Data Collection Software automates all of the information easily, eliminating the need to spend time calculating; GCS scores, trauma scores, medicine dosage amounts, patient allergies, care notes, important protocols, and other information to help produce complete reports for your patients. The system is also designed to not submit reports without required information, meaning your patients' charts are complete and accessible.

ePCR Software

User Friendly Touch-Screen Data Entry

A Quick Turnaround with Data Input

An Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) can be easily created with the data entered within the software. Designed to be user-friendly and adjust to any EMS needs, the streamlined touch-screen data entry mode makes it easy to input data without switching through countless menus, prompts and screens.

ePCR Software

No Internet Required

Reports Transmission Without Internet Connections

Our ePCR system can collect data right in the field, and transmission is simple, with no internet connection needed. The information is available immediately after transmission, which lets you have an accurate report retrieved anytime.

ePCR Software

Paper Free

Reducing Cost, Save Space and Environmental Waste

No longer do you have to keep paper documentation to ensure accurate billing and adequate care. Reduced paper reports mean a substantial decrease in expenditures for paper, filing cabinets, ink, and printing costs used to generate reports. Our ePCR software also helps reduce paper waste, making the ePCR an eco-friendly choice for your ambulance billing.

ePCR Software

Increased Reimbursable Rates

Shorter Turnaround

By having clear and complete reports, your company will be able to bill more, which translates to an increase in revenue. Your ePCR report can be sent electronically within the same day of the initial transport. Faster transmission of reports lets you have a bill processed within hours, helping you ensure your billing is up-to-date and thorough. Billing lead time is now reduced, as is the wait time for payment.

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