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Creative EMS's Electronic Patient Care Data Manager (ePCR) is the best in the business

CREATIVE EMS PROVIDES the most up to date and sophisticated technology with its Pre- Hospital Care & Management Software. Mobile, fast and custom designed to meet your needs, Creative EMS’s ePCR software is the best in the business.

ePCR data management customized to fit your budget and operations

The Creative EMS ePCR data management system is flexible and is built for the IT support needs of any organization, including yours. You will be able to simplify data collection, improve access to information, and enhance operational efficiency. Regardless of your financial and operational resources, Creative EMS will work for you.

Our Data Manager provides instant access to the documents for each run. These include among others:

  • PCR Forms
  • HIPPA Forms
  • RMA Forms
  • APCF Forms

A copy of each ePCR is stored for instant retrieval of any changes or for instant batch printing at any time.

IT Maintenance and Support

The experts at Creative EMS are here for you 24/7...

With Creative EMS, you not only will have state of the art tech
but you receive the most experienced support team behind you as well.

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